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This was kind of a sweet story despite what the characters were going through. I think a lot of that was because of the relationships that Cora developed with some of the characters throughout the book. Readers who enjoy fantastical worldbuilding should give this one a try. This story reads pretty quickly which is a positive because there are some really fun concepts with the characters their special abilities and the adventure that the protagonist undertakes. Sometimes having a mash-up of multiple elements can cause for a slow middle, but this story avoided those pitfalls and remained enjoyable from beginning to end. I think readers who enjoy elements of mystery, sci-fi, or other speculative fiction would enjoy this book.

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Easy read, but interesting and a deep mystery

The book is easy to read, but it is also a deep mystery. Who is causing Cora all of the trouble. It suspects are many, but the end is surprising. It kept my interest all of the way through. There were so many twists and turns that I was guessing the wrong person all the way through. I love these types of books.

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This book was ups and downs and a world that was well dreamt up. There was depth to the story and there was definite character building. Cora is a fantastic creation of literacy that goes through so much in such a short time from those around her. All around a feel-good story with lots developed and an easy read

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Cora went through high highs and some pretty dark lows when family members began to torment her and then take advantage of her and her special gifts. It was a great book overall and a true page turner.

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