Katherine Okia’s Books

The Feeler

Book 1

Meet Coraline “Cora” Brimble, born into a family of Feelers with the extraordinary ability to perceive the emotions of those around them. After the death of Cora’s sister, her remaining family forms loving and supportive bonds. They help her reach her dream of launching her own business.

Her peaceful existence disappears when her brother-in-law believes someone murdered his wife, and he begs Cora for help. Desperately, she tries to maintain a delicate balance of helping her family and finally living her life. Cora must use her unique abilities to track down a dangerous killer with powers that rival her own.

Set centuries in the future, “The Feeler” is a wonderful blend of science fiction and cozy mystery that will keep you guessing.

Immerse yourself in a world of brain-twisting plots, futuristic gadgets, and a heroine determined to protect her loved ones. If you’re ready to experience a thrilling mystery, dive into “The Feeler,” and join Cora on her journey to uncover the truth.