What's Your Special Ability Quiz

Take the following quiz to discover your hidden special powers. If you've read The Feeler by Katherine Okia, you're familiar with the character's special abilities.

Are you a Feeler, able to sense other's emotions? Maybe you're a Reader able to detect other's emotions. Or perhaps a Mover with the ability to manipulate objects.

So, which special power do you have?

Take the quiz BELOW and find out!

In a crowded room, you tend to feel:

You find yourself naturally drawn to:

When faced with a problem, you tend to:

When receiving feedback, you appreciate it when it's:

You would describe yourself as someone who:

You learn best by:

When learning something new, you prefer to:

You find it difficult to:

You're at a party. What do you find yourself most drawn to?

You express yourself best through:

Select SUBMIT to discover your super power.

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