Hello! This is just an update. On March 9, 2023. I sent Treachery in Tymal to my third Beta Reader. Why three? Well, what happened was…

Okay, the real issue was that the previous draft of my manuscript was not exactly a cozy mystery. The previous beta readers pointed out that my manuscript:

  • Lacked focus
  • Didn’t explain the world
  • Had an unlikeable main character

They also said several more things which I fixed, but I don’t think they’re as important as the issues I listed.

The first issue was that my manuscript lacked focus. I always plot before I write, but unfortunately this was my first sci-fi cozy, and I missed some important points that belong in a cozy. While writing, when I found gaps, I invented something barely related to the story that had nothing to do with the mystery. I had a ton of interesting ideas, but they didn’t belong in that book. This is based on the advice from one reader.

The second issue was I didn’t explain the world. I love world building and usually have to force myself to stop world building and start writing. Unfortunately, my ideas from world building don’t end up in the manuscript. I’ve had other’s comment on that in the past, but I forgot to check that all explanations were in draft.

The third issue was my main character was unlikeable. Originally, I based this character on Ann from Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Ann is very passive and her family occasionally bullies her. However, Ann never turns into a doormat. Sadly, this happened to my main character. Literally, every other character bossed her around. I fixed this by recreating the character from scratch. She’s still shy, but she’s not a pushover.

All three suggestions required a complete rewrite of my manuscript. I had to laugh at myself because I started writing this book on June 2022, and I thought it’d only take three or so months. However, this is the second book I feel confident enough to publish. Also, my previously published book was intended for children. Treachery in Tymal is the first book with a complex, cozy plot intended for adults. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for the copyediting phase.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.