Brian Farris is a thirty-two-year-old man of average height and an athletic build, with blue-gray eyes and jet-black hair. He is Harold Albright’s nephew.

While learning the family business, Brian becomes close to his uncle and his dad. Unfortunately, unlike his uncle and dad, Brian is not interested in running the family’s company and simply wants to go back to traveling through the solar system.

At one of Harold’s parties, he meets Cora, but she seems standoffish. A few months after that, he runs into Cora at an art gallery, and they strike up a conversation about paintings. She seems to come alive with the discussion, and this begins their friendship. He usually volunteers to help her with projects such as helping her test her new game before release.

Brian’s hobby is flying cars. He collects models, attends shows, and flies a reconstructed vintage model. He occasionally takes Cora with him to explore new exotic meals.

He offers to help Cora in the investigation into Sophia passing, as he’s familiar with more Askov families. He has come to rely on his friendship with Cora and thinks she feels the same way.