When I was developing my main character, Cora, for The Feeler, I started with an Enneagram type. What is an Enneagram? It’s a method of classifying human personalities into 9 types. I used the ideas from my main character’s Enneagram type to spark personality ideas.

Cora is a type 5, the investigator. This is the sort of person who has to understand why something happens: How does it work? What are its effects? This sort of person is perceptive and innovative. I thought it would be great to have Cora use her Feeler abilities to become aware of other characters’ personalities as she investigated a crime. I also allowed her to use some intuition to understand when someone was lying based on the emotions she sensed from them.

On a darker side, the Investigator can be secretive and isolate from their peers. I didn’t delve too much into secretiveness. However, her family imposed her isolation when she was at home. When she went to school, she had to learn to trust others, which was a battle in and of itself.

Cora’s basic fear is helplessness or feeling incapable. This is explained further in my last week’s post, “Cora’s Parents Send Her to Boarding School“. Cora’s older sister and mom are very powerful Feelers who can manipulate other people’s feelings. She is intimidated by both of them and never feels comfortable in her own home.

Some fictional characters with the same Enneagram are Lord Peter Wimsey, Severus Snape, and Sherlock Holmes. It’s easy to see how they are the cerebral type. They all become overly focused on ideas important to them. I notice some leaned toward secretive (Severus Snape) when others leaned toward innovative (Lord Peter Wimsey). All three were perceptive and isolated themselves to varying degrees.

Do you know any Enneagram type 5s? Let me know in the comments below.