Are You an Empath, Telepath, or Telekinetic?

Step into a world where Askovians, humans born with extraordinary abilities, face unique challenges. This post includes a summary of three types of Askovians: Feelers (empaths), Readers (telepaths), and Movers (telekinetics). In addition, we delve into the stories of three resilient individuals:

  • Cora, a Feeler who must learn to shield her mind from the overwhelming barrage of emotions;
  • Jane, a Reader who struggles with the consequences of her ability to discern others’ thoughts;
  • Hazel, a Mover haunted by a tragic past and the weight of her family’s expectations.

Continue reading this thrilling journey as we explore the depths of the Askovian experience.

What are Feelers?

In a world where Askovians possess extraordinary abilities, one distinct type is Feelers who can sense the emotions of others. Unlike most Feelers, our main character, Cora cannot naturally shield, and must learn to protect her mind to avoid being overwhelmed by the constant barrage of emotions. Also, some Feelers have the power to manipulate emotions like her sister, Sophia, and cousin, Oliver. They can intensify or weaken the emotions of others around them.. However, this ability comes with a dangerous side effect. It can lead them to a sense of invincibility that can cause them to turn to the dark side.

Cora’s Story: An Example of a Feeler

Cora learns the shocking truth about her childhood during a birthday dinner with her Aunt Ferna. She reflects on the day her sister Sophia, a powerful Feeler with the ability to manipulate emotions, attacked her. Aunt Ferna reveals Sophia had also nearly killed her cousin Oliver earlier that same day. To protect Sophia from being taken away by the strict EGS, Cora’s parents hid evidence of the fights and sent Cora to boarding school. Devastated by the betrayal, Cora grapples with the truth.

Read Cora’s Deleted Scene to learn more.

What are Readers?

Readers are gifted with the power to delve into the minds of others and face the challenge of navigating crowded spaces where the constant buzz of thoughts can be overwhelming. However, most Readers naturally shield their minds to maintain their sanity. The few born without this ability must continuously practice the art of protecting their minds, creating a mental barrier against the constant influx of others’ thoughts. A smaller subset of Readers possess the formidable ability to plant thoughts directly into people’s minds, a power that can be used for good or ill. They can compel individuals to harm themselves or others, making them a dangerous and unpredictable force.

Jane Story: An Example of a Reader

Two sisters, Aria and Jane, who are both powerful Readers navigate the complexities of friendship and trust. Aria, a stunning beauty with a kind and respectful nature, effortlessly forms friendships. Jane struggles to form any friendships and as a result has latched on to Aria’s. Jane’s problems stem from a disregard for personal boundaries. She detects other’s thoughts without permission and discloses them to their social group. This leads to constant conflicts among Aria’s friends who’ve grown to dislike Jane. Eventually, Aria is forced to distance her sister from her friends.

What are Movers?

Movers stand out as individuals with the extraordinary ability to manipulate objects using only their minds. While moving small objects comes naturally to them, the true test of their power lies in their capacity to influence larger structures and even microscopic elements. To achieve this feat, Movers must dedicate themselves to intense meditation, honing their mental focus and strength. Those who master this skill are often hailed as heroes, their abilities contributing to the positive advancement of humanity. However, some succumb to the allure of personal gain and wield their powers for evil, actively harming others.

Hazel’s Story: An Example of a Mover

Hazel, the youngest of four children, experienced a life-altering tragedy at the tender age of five. Zach, her kind and protective older brother and a powerful Mover, took her on a rare park outing. There a confrontation with a weak Mover boy led to Hazel being pushed to the ground. Zach, angered by the boy’s actions, used his abilities to fling the boy into the air, resulting in the boy’s death. The consequences were severe—the EGS, considered Zach a danger to society, took him away just a few days later. This left Hazel devastated and blamed by her entire family. Packed off to the same boarding school where she met Cora, Hazel yearns for her family’s love and affection. This leads her to follow her parents’ every command without question to regain their love.

So, which Askovian ability resonates with you the most? Are you drawn to the empathic nature of Feelers, the mind-reading prowess of Readers, or the awe-inspiring telekinetic powers of Movers? Regardless of your affinity, remember that embracing your unique gifts leads to lifelong happiness.