Ferna Robertson is seventy-two years old and the same height as Cora but plump. She is born with no special abilities, but since her dad and sister are both Feelers, Ferna grows up surrounded by luxury due to her family’s influence.

Ferna and her sister never got along. Cora’s mom was Ferna’s sister and a powerful Feeler who made Ferna’s life miserable. Ferna’s mom couldn’t protect her because she also had no special abilities and couldn’t control Ferna’s sister. Her dad, a powerful Feeler, favored Dahlia and never saw the mean controlling things Ferna’s sister did to her.

Marrying early allows Ferna to escape her sister, but her husband only wants one child. Since neither of them has any special abilities, they expect a normal child. Instead, she gives birth to a highly advanced Feeler. Knowing her husband won’t consent to any more children, she spoils her son.

Her family’s influence allows her to socialize with other Askov families. This results in her family forming alliances with other powerful families. These connections result in her sister marrying well to a kind and financially powerful man.