Harold Albright is a forty-eight-year-old man of medium height but full-figured. His graying brown hair and soft blue eyes make him look like a kind and gentle uncle. His wife passed away nearly a year ago.

3D Illustration of a futuristic green city with vertical garden terraces over a glass pyramid structure covered in vegetation, for environmental architecture backgrounds.

The Albright family has members with special abilities, but he doesn’t have them himself. As a result, his family is considered an Askov family, affording Harold many privileges. He owns two mines on Mars and runs a corporation that helps other Askov families manage their mines. In addition, he has tremendous influence among many Askov families, and this influences his wife to marry him.

Harold loves his wife and would do anything for her. As a result, he doesn’t notice her indiscretions. She cheats on him for their entire marriage, and he puts up with it because he doesn’t want to lose her. He hopes that she’ll grow tired of all the men.

The authorities aren’t able to determine Sophia’s cause of death, but Harold feels someone murdered his wife. He starts an investigation and pulls Cora into his plans.