Sophia Brimble Albright passes away about one year prior to the start of the story. She is a thirty-eight-year-old woman with emerald green eyes and a tall and statuesque build. With curly dark brown hair and light brown skin, she possesses the sort of beauty that makes heads turn.

As the oldest child, she inherits the family mine, making her quite wealthy. This mine extracts valuable minerals and is on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons.

She is married for several years and appears to love her husband. To most people, she appears to have a pleasant and even flirtatious personality. However, Sophia bullies anyone she doesn’t respect, including Cora.

Because she has special abilities, Sophia is an Askovian. Her abilities, similar to Cora’s, mean she can sense other people’s emotions. Unlike Cora, she can naturally shield herself from other people’s emotions and enjoys tormenting Cora, who has to learn to shield herself. Sophia has one extra ability—she can control how others feel. This level of power turns her into a mean and controlling monster.

The perfect life for Sophia is going to parties and meeting interesting people from other planets. She loves learning new things about human nature. This makes her appear interesting to some, but it actually makes her an expert at manipulation.

Unfortunately, once she gets what she wants, she grows bored and moves on. Her husband lasts the longest, but their marriage isn’t as rosy as it seems.