Cora Brimble is a Feeler, which means she can sense other people’s emotions. This ability, while great for detecting lies, becomes a hindrance around upset people. She is twenty-nine years old, of medium height and slender build, with dark brown curly hair and copper-colored skin. Most members of her family are tall and willowy with emerald green eyes.

She is a programmer who creates dynamic three-dimensional puzzle games. She works on her game daily and hopes to launch it in the next few months. A friend helps her test the game, and she spends time with him almost every day.

Her sister passed away almost a year ago, and as a result, Cora inherits the family mine on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. Now she becomes extremely wealthy.

Because Cora has special abilities, she is an Askovian. This means her family is influential, but they don’t raise Cora to make connections with other Askov families. That job, intended for her sister, now becomes Cora’s since her sister has passed away. Cora initially struggles to navigate through the Askov social circles.

The best thing in Cora’s life is the freedom to live peacefully in her house. This happens for the first time after her sister passed away. Her sister used to bully Cora, and as a result, they never got along.

Another thing she loves is having her aunt and brother-in-law as stand-in parental figures. They listen to her and give her helpful advice.

Cora loves to spend time in the family’s beautiful backyard. It’s where she goes to recharge.