Hello! I’ve been thinking of changing the title of my story, Treachery in Tymal. The current title refers to my main character, Cora, who lives in the city of Tymal. Makes sense right?

Now, I’m thinking of A Family of Feelers. This title refers to Cora’s family. Some have special powers, which are the ability to sense other people’s emotions. This title is more specific to the main character, but doesn’t hint at the murder mystery.

Another option is A Feeler’s Foul Play or Misfortune. The title refers to Sophia being murdered. However, it kind of gives away a clue. Maybe a better idea would be Foul Play of a Feeler or Tragedy of Feelers, which both refer to Sophia’s demise.

I’m leaning toward The Failure of Feelers, which points to a flaw in the way parents raise their Feeler children. I suppose the title could also be A Flaw in Feelers, which points to the flaws in each of the Feelers in this story.

A Feeler’s Disdain, Arrogance of Feelers, and The Terror of Feelers, hints more strongly at the character flaw that sets the story in motion.

A copy editor is reviewing Treachery in Tymal while I’ve started working on my next book. The next book focuses on a feud between two Askov families. Both families have mover abilities, which means that they are able to manipulate objects with their minds. The titles I’m thinking of are A Clash of Movers, A Feud of Movers, A Feud of Two Mover Clans, Story of Two Mover Clans, and Story of Two Mover Clan’s Feud.

The story that hints at the character flaw that kicked off the entire story is The Cruelty of Movers, The Malice of Movers, and Menace of Movers.

I’m not sure which would work best. Let me know in the comments below.