These questions are not directly posed by the Enneagram but by the writing advice of Abbie Emmons. The purpose of these questions is to fully flesh out the character so that they feel real.

If you missed it, please watch Part 1 to learn what I did at the start of Cora’s Enneagram. Let’s begin.

  1. What is Cora’s main fear?
    Cora is terrified of someone seeing who she really is. This fear is rooted in a fear of rejection. As a child, Cora was weaker than her sister, Sophia, and her cousin, Oliver. After an accident, her parents sent her away, while Sophia and Oliver stayed with their respective parents. Now, she tries to hide her weakness.
  2. What is Cora’s misbelief about her world?
    Cora believes that her family will reject her if she doesn’t measure up. Consequently, she spends a lot of time away from her family and always hides her true self when she is around them.
  3. What is the best thing in Cora’s life?
    At the start of the book, the best thing in Cora’s life is the new loving family that formed around her after her parents and sister passed away. This family includes her Aunt Ferna and Harold, her brother-in-law. Additionally, she loves her life now that she has the freedom to come and go to her house without being attacked.
  4. What is the worst thing in Cora’s life?
    The worst thing in Cora’s life is her cousin Oliver, who still uses his powers to attack her. His mom, Aunt Ferna, always takes his side and ignores Cora. Moreover, Oliver likes to remind her that she’s weaker and more vulnerable than him, evoking memories of being sent away as a child.
  5. What does Cora look down on people for?
    Cora strongly dislikes Askovians like Sophia and Oliver, who use their powers to harm others.
  6. What makes Cora’s heart feel alive?
    Cora finds joy in programming, using her imagination to create new worlds for her customers to explore and complete fun puzzles.
  7. What makes Cora feel loved, and who was the last person to make her feel that way?
    When Oliver is not around, which is most of the time, her Aunt Ferna takes the time to listen to her and provide motherly advice. Additionally, her brother-in-law, Harold, has offered encouragement and advice to help start her new programming business.

This is not the end of the Enneagram questions. Stay tuned for Part 3.