This is the third and final part of Cora’s Enneagram. I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into how I create my characters. I’m very thankful to Abbie Emmons for these questions. They helped transform my writing.

If you missed it, please watch Part 1 or Part 2 of Cora’s Enneagram. Let’s begin.

  1. How is Cora dissatisfied with her life? Just before the start of the book, for the first time in Cora’s life, she is in a really happy and comfortable place. Unfortunately, Oliver shows up and pressures his mom, Aunt Ferna, to give him money. Aunt Ferna can’t access all of her money without Harold’s permission, leading to periodic conflicts. These two are the only family members who treat Cora with love, and she doesn’t want to choose between them. Therefore, every few months, she has to endure Oliver’s visits and resulting fighting.
  2. What does Cora think will bring her true happiness? Cora believes that having a successful business will give her an independent income, allowing her more autonomy. This should enable her to travel as much as she’d like and live where she wants. However, she receives quarterly royalties from the family’s mine, but it comes with strings attached. Some expectations include staying in the family home, attending mandatory corporate meetings, and hosting or attending social engagements. Leaving Earth for more than a few months could jeopardize her ownership of the family’s mine. Leaving will be interpreted as weakness by other Askov families who might then try to take her mine by force. The Interplanetary Security (IS) should prevent mine jumps, but the IS doesn’t act without the approval of wealthy mine owners.
  3. What actionable steps can Cora take to reach her goal? Cora plans to launch her program and, with Brian’s help, gain exposure to customers. However, this plan doesn’t address the larger problem of maintaining ownership of Brimble Mining.
  4. How has her fear kept her from taking this action already? She’s afraid of rejection from customers, so she keeps adding to her game and delaying its launch. Brian is trying to help her get customers, but she won’t meet with him.
  5. What is the backstory scene that changed everything for Cora? When Cora was 5 and her sister 13, Sophia came home from playing with Oliver. Sophia was very angry. Cora couldn’t understand the exact problem, but it seemed Oliver had taken something from her. When Cora tried to ask what was wrong, Sophia lashed out at Cora, sending intense waves of anger and hate. Cora passed out. A few weeks later, her parents sent her to a boarding school. She only came home for holidays. She felt she was punished for being too weak. She made friends with other Askovians at her boarding school, but it was not the same as family.